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You have a ton of ideas, but you don't know where to start.


You know exactly what you want to write, but you don't know how to carve out the time.


You feel great about your writing, but not so great about pitching.


You finally have a general or rep meeting, but you have no idea what to say or how to prepare. 


Great news! You're not alone. I promise. 

I'm a screenwriter, and I know how it feels.

I want to help you build confidence in your ability to nail your plans,

launch your big ideas, and share and sell your stories.  


I offer private 60-minute and 90-minute conversations to help you nail your...

  • Writing plan.

  • Pitch.

  • Personal brand.

  • General and rep meetings.

  • Idea development.

  • Loglines and comps.

  • Career next steps, including quarterly and yearly planning.

  • Half-hour TV script verbal and written feedback.


Together, clients and I...

  • Crafted a personal brand elevator pitch.

  • Created a bio that tells a story rather than lists facts.

  • Shepherded a short film from idea to script.

  • Developed pitches for the ATX TV Festival Pitch Competition, Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition, CineStory Retreat, and Netflix. 

  • Designed a month-long writing plan with small, achievable weekly goals.

  • Strategized a year-long feature writing plan that includes lab and contest deadline benchmarks.

  • Outlined a new half-hour pilot and a plan to tackle the next draft.

  • Prepared for general meetings.

  • Researched a target list of reps. 

Check out all services here. 




































"I highly recommend Laura Mannino as a screenwriting coach. It was extremely difficult for me to focus on writing last year. Having Laura Mannino's guidance with making attainable writing goals helped me through life's highs and lows and gave me hope and motivation. Laura is a therapist, cheerleader, and coach all rolled into one, and with her support, I feel confident to slay those writing goals." 

Veronica Chavira 
TV and Feature Drama

"A pitch is a poem with its own Hollywood rules - and if you don't know them, writing a pitch can feel like a horror show. I wrote a GREAT script - why does it feel like I'm about to go onstage without the right words in my underwear? Laura taught me the form and helped me hone my pitch ahead of a huge opportunity, and not only did it crush, but I'm now confident in pitching future projects because she did such a great job helping me understand why the pitch worked. I can't recommend Laura enough!"

Kim Dilts
Feature Comedy

 “Laura is *exactly* what I need to help me wrangle my ideas into coherent action. Her objectivity and epic organizational skills bring so much clarity to my thoughts. Laura curates our time to meet my needs. She’s flexible, positive, encouraging, and realistic. She’s a fantastic listener and always has my stated goals in mind. I highly recommend Laura!”

Mandy Schmieder
Actress and Filmmaker  

About Me


Laura Mannino

I'm a comedy screenwriter repped by Logical Talent Management. Credits include writing for MTV, Quibi, Awestruck, Disney, A&E Networks Digital, and more. My half-hour comedy series BODICE RIPPERS is Black List Recommended, a Stowe Story Labs Fellowship Winner, PAGE Awards Finalist, and a CineStory TV Comedy Scholarship Winner. 


I've used my experience as a project manager to set and meet writing goals and cut my "saying words out loud in front of others" teeth as a stand-up comedian and actor. I'm an ATX Festival Pitch Competition Runner-up, an AFF/UCLA Virtual Pitch Finalist, and a Roadmap Writers Top Tier Competition Grand Prize Winner.  


I know what it's like to break in when COVID, corporate conglomeration, and the streaming bubble broke the traditional pipeline for emerging writers. I want to help fellow writers build confidence in themselves and their abilities while navigating a constantly changing industry landscape. 


More about me here

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