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Nail It Coaching
Laura Mannino
Planning & Breaking In for Screenwriters


You have a ton of ideas, but you don't know where to start.


You know exactly what you want to write, but you don't know how to carve out the time.


You feel great about your writing, but not so great about pitching.


You finally have a general or rep meeting, but you have no idea what to say or how to prepare. 


Great news! You're not alone. I promise. 

I'm a screenwriter, and I know how it feels.







I offer private 90-minute conversations to help you nail your...

  • Writing plan.

  • Pitch.

  • Personal brand.

  • General and rep meetings.

  • Idea development.

  • Loglines and comps.

  • Career next steps, including quarterly and yearly planning.


Together, clients and I...

  • Crafted a personal brand elevator pitch.

  • Created a bio that tells a story rather than lists facts.

  • Shepherded a short film from idea to script.

  • Developed pitches for the ATX TV Festival Pitch Competition, Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition, and the CineStory Retreat. 

  • Designed a month-long writing plan with small, achievable weekly goals.

  • Strategized a year-long feature writing plan that includes lab and contest deadline benchmarks.


"A pitch is a poem with its own Hollywood rules - and if you don't know them, writing a pitch can feel like a horror show. I wrote a GREAT script - why does it feel like I'm about to go onstage without the right words in my underwear? Laura taught me the form and helped me hone my pitch ahead of a huge opportunity, and not only did it crush, but I'm now confident in pitching future projects because she did such a great job helping me understand why the pitch worked. I can't recommend Laura enough!" –Kim Dilts, Feature Comedy

“Laura is *exactly* what I need to help me wrangle my ideas into coherent action. Her objectivity and epic organizational skills bring so much clarity to my thoughts. Laura curates our time to meet my needs. She’s flexible, positive, encouraging, and realistic. She’s a fantastic listener and always has my stated goals in mind. I highly recommend Laura!”  –Mandy Schmieder, Actress & Filmmaker


“I moved recently and barely had time to brush my teeth during the transition, but I still wanted to write a movie synopsis and pitch. Laura offered me the guiding hand to set and meet realistic weekly goals. Without her support, I probably would have tabled the project until after the chaos. Instead, we celebrated my wins together!” –Jeanée, Feature Comedy


“Laura's help with developing my pitch was invaluable. She quickly got to the heart of my pilot and found a much shorter, punchier, and more effective way to say what had taken me paragraphs to communicate. I was truly blown away by how thorough and insightful she was when it came to the art of pitching.” –Marissa G., Half-Hour TV


“If you are like me and you wrote something and you’re proud of it, but if someone asks you about it and all you can manage is a chaotic word salad while watching the light go out in your companion’s eyes… oh my god give Laura Mannino a holler. She’s enthusiastic, giving with her time and suggestions, and helped me get out of my head and home in on my story. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, FELLOW WRITERS!" –Oona O., One-Hour TV


“Laura created a safe space that was supportive and kind, without a speck of judgment. She helped me overcome the fear of pitching my movie and suggested revisions that hook my audience right at the top. I whole-heartedly recommend Laura’s coaching to fellow creatives with the jitters!”  

                                                                                                                                –Jeanée, Feature Comedy

“Working with Laura to develop my pilot’s logline was an absolute lifesaver. She brought a fresh perspective, asked insightful questions, and was able to distill a very complex world into a concise logline. Loglines are insanely hard for me, but Laura made it easy. I 10000% recommend Laura for all your logline woes!!!" –Melanie F., One-Hour TV


“I needed a one-page bio stat! Laura came to the rescue and compiled my resume, online profiles, and articles to craft a succinct and dynamic bio from scratch. Laura knocked it out of the park under a tight deadline!" –Abbey L., Comedy Producer

Session Details​

One Session $175

Two Sessions $325 ($25 off)

Three Sessions $475 ($50 off)

All sessions are 90 minutes on Zoom.

Check out all packages here. 

But wait! There's more!


You have a half-hour script that feels more like a one-hour.


You want feedback that honors your intentions.


You would like feedback on your half-hour script from an experienced half-hour writer.


I'm here to help!

​My half-hour TV script feedback includes...

  • “Glows and Grows."

  • Line edits.

  • Light proofreading and formatting.

  • Focused feedback per the writer’s request.

  • Questions that came up for me while reading.

  • Proposed steps for the next draft.


Half-Hour TV Script Written Feedback $125

Returned within three business days.

PDFs of TV half-hour scripts up to 40 pages only.

Check out all offerings here. 

About Me

I’m a comedy screenwriter repped by Logical Talent Management and known for my work with MTV, Quibi, Awestruck, Disney, A&E Networks Digital, and more. My half-hour comedy series BODICE RIPPERS is Black List Recommended, a Stowe Story Labs Fellowship Winner, and a PAGE Awards Finalist. 

I've used my day job experience as a project manager to set writing goals and meet my own deadlines. I cut my “saying words out loud in front of others” teeth as a stand-up comedian and actor. I’m an ATX Festival Pitch Competition Runner-up, an AFF/UCLA Virtual Pitch Finalist, and a Roadmap Writers Top Tier Competition Grand Prize Winner. I’ve learned a lot from these experiences, honed my skills, and gained confidence along the way. I want to help fellow screenwriters feel empowered and a little less alone. More about me here


Want to chat first? 

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Cancellation Policy 

Life happens. Meetings pop up. People get sick. I understand if something comes up and you need to cancel and reschedule with little notice. If I have to reschedule, I will work around your availability. Payments are nonrefundable. No-show appointments are not eligible for rescheduling. Unused sessions will expire six months after purchase. 

I want to help you feel great about yourself and your ability to nail your plans, launch your big ideas, and share and sell your stories.  

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